Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunset on Atlantic Beach

The past month and a half as been a whirl wind of extreme business for me so you must imagine by sense of awe and relief when I found myself sinking my toes into the soft sand of a beach and my nose breathing in the warm salt air that came in off the Atlantic ocean last week. Technology is great when used properly. One minute we were on the highway headed toward Atlantic Beach from Washington, North Carolina with no place to stay when my wife pulled up a few hotels on her iPhone, looked at a few pictures, then pushed a few buttons. The next thing we know we were walking into our hotel room on the fifth floor of the Wind Jammer Hotel with our balcony looking over the ocean. Our traveling companions, my parents, were in awe that we were in such a room. I was in heaven. I changed into my trunks and hit the ocean for a few hours of well deserved body surfing with my wife. After we were done getting pummeled by the waves, I managed to change and grab my cameras for this marvel that nature put on for us. 

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