Monday, July 9, 2012

Giraffes in Port Clinton, Ohio

My wife and I took a day trip yesterday down the road a bit to Port Clinton, Ohio where we visited the animals at the African Safari. Most adults go to these places for their kids..not my wife and I...we don't have fact we are the kids..and we had a blast. You get to drive your car very slowly, stopping where ever you want, or stopping because a giant bison is blocking your way like one car we saw, or because 20 alpacas are surrounding your car trying to get food. Let me tell ya, it was a bit startling when you are looking through a lens of a camera and the next thing you know there is an animal sniffing your hair through the back window. This is Giraffe. He was very nice and wanted mostly carrots, I kind of wanted carrots also but we settled for Lake Erie Perch, he settled for the pellet feed that we had.  

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