Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday with the Hachi

I missed a post yesterday due to not being home all day and then when I did get home I was ever consumed  to master the coding for my portfolio page. It is not done yet..I have a lot more work to do..but you can check it out here if you'd like. 

But yesterday was Easter and we had a good one with lots of family and lots of food. I also was blessed to get a new camera from a friend of my wife's. A Hachi KX-66. If anyone knows anything about this camera please write to me and tell me what you know. It has a plastic lense and a motorized drive to advance the's kind of like a motorized Holg..only it shoots 35mm and doesn't have any means of focusing. The camera was never used and stored in the lady's garage for probably 30 years or so until I got my hands on it. For some reason I don't understand the film advancement...which I mentioned was all motorized so as you can see the images overlaps...or maybe the lab guy cut it wrong..not sure at all about this. Anyway these are two of the only shots that came out from yesterday. Jack and Japhy enjoying the sun in the backyard. 

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