Saturday, February 11, 2012

chicago vacation with my la sardina from lomography

You have probably noticed on here before that I always try to tell you all what camera I shoot an image with  and you have probably seen me mention the La Sardina Marathon from Lomography. If you are into street photography, film photography, or just want something small that can fit into a pocket this is a great camera to have. It takes standard 35 mm film, you can buy a flash for it for indoors, and most of the time people do not notice that you are taking their photograph since it is the size of a sardine can..hence the name. Here are a few of the shots that I got from Chicago this past weekend with the La Sardina. The one at the top being from Millennium Park at the Cloud Gate Sculpture.

This is a random building and I was checking out to see the detail that the camera can get. I really like the quality of this little guy...I mean it has a plastic lens so it is not going to be a great choice to replace your Leica, but I don't have $6,000 for a Leica either so I'm going to stick with the La Sardina. 

This image is great for my bicycle series that I am constantly working on. If you know where I can find any old style bikes please let me know. I was excited to find out that bicycling is still a perfectly normal form of transportation in Chicago even during the winter. Here you can see the grain that really starts to come out in lower lighting situations. You can also see some of the vignette that occurs at times with this camera. Being from Lomography and having a plastic lens of course it's going to be experimental in some way.

This shot is of a storefront window in Chicago's Chinatown taken in the afternoon on a partially overcast day. I really enjoy the colors that the camera captures. I also used cheaper 35mm film from Rite Aid drugstores, but it seems to work very nice. 

This shot was made possible from the nice wide angle lense that the La Sardina has. I find that I really enjoy the wide angle lenses when I am shooting urban scenes and exploring different cities. This was the first time that I was really able to spend some time with the La Sardina camera and after shooting with it in the middle of winter in Chicago on mostly overcast days I must say that I cannot wait for warmer sunnier weather to see what this thing is really capable of. This will little guy has a permanent spot in my camera bag or in my pocket. 

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